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About Us

White Space Art Asia was created in conjunction with the Heng Artland Gallery of Singapore to discover and promote young and contemporary ink artists. Our focus and expertise is on Chinese ink, the fastest growing segment in the fastest growing art market in the world. We have over 30 years of experience in art and we started working with artists in China before the Chinese economy opened up, and prior to the existence of a Chinese art market.

The challenge we set ourselves is to identify and introduce artists that stand the test of time. We maintain a basic philosophy that when an artist has strong fundamental grounding in art, a good story to tell, and injects the right cultural context, we have the makings of good art. To translate this broad statement into reality, we have created a framework based on our
decades of experience to evaluate and identify high potential up-and-coming artists.

With so many voices and competing philosophies in contemporary art, we want to be able to speak to something real and human that engages our intellect as well as touches our hearts. At the same time, we want to assist our clients in growing the value of their collection.

Our Heritage

Our parent gallery, Heng Artland of Singapore was founded in 1983 and for thirty years has been bringing together artists and collectors. We forge long-lasting relationships with artists, and we work with artists over spans of fifteen to twenty years. Our success with building artists goes hand-in-hand with helping our collectors grow and build their collections.

Our curating team has a long track record of spotting new talent and growing them into prominent artists. Amongst others, these include the spectacular ink-washed Taihang mountains of Jia Youfu, fauvist landscapes of Chen Junde, atmospheric black and whites of Wendy Jia, paper brides of Zeng Chuanxing, and the wild apple trees of Xu Zhiguang.

Our newest gallery in Singapore opened in the bohemian settings of Tiong Bahru in March 2014.