Lives and Works: San Francisco


Viron is an Artist and Educator living in San Francisco. Growing up in the fog laden fields of rural England, to the sun swept shores of California, the natural world has deeply inspired her philosophy as a painter. Viron graduated with her BFA from The School of Visual Arts in 2012 and her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Maine College of Art in 2014. She approaches her work with a willingness to experiment with a variety of materials and processes in order to unearth new discoveries. Viron often uses colour and texture in her work to reconstruct early memories of being in solitude with nature. Viron’s paintings continue to shift and evolve as they reflect places she’s visited in both dreams and reality.


I am deeply inspired by the role of the enchanted forest in mythology and literature– often used as a metaphor for death; and through death, rebirth. Coinciding with its fictional connotation, the forest may also serve as a place of resolution or metamorphosis in reality. I intend for my work to echo this sense of alchemy, in both the content and physical presence of each piece.