Larry Mclaughlin


Larry McLaughlin


Born in Litchfield, Minnesota in 1956, Larry McLaughlin began working in sculpture while studying at the University of California at Santa Cruz in the 1970s. Later he worked in London and focused on painting and printmaking during this period. In 1988 he completed his studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Larry maintains studio-residences in France and the United States. He keeps a workshop in the Loire Valley in France, a studio in Palo Alto, California, and another on two acres of desert in Phoenix, Arizona.

His works can be viewed in numerous galleries in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Larry is represented by White Space Gallery

Selected Exhibitions


Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, California

Chantel Melanson, Annecy, France

Elle Art Exchange, Los Angeles, California

Anita Silverstone, New York, New York

Disentis Museum Skulpturen Garden, Disentis, Switzerland

Jonathon Mathews, Seatlle, Washington

Crow Valley Gallery, Eastsound, Washington

Diveley Loft Expo, San Francisco, California

Atelier Darde, St. Maurice Navacelles, France



Galeria D’art Rico de Castelberg, Disentis, Switzerland

Dimensions Plus, Montreal, Canada

Kunstuck, Skulpturensommer, Oldenburg, Germant

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Arte Viva, Paris, France

CJ Gallery, San Diego, California

Jeff Mitchum Gallery, Los Gatos, California

Atelier Darde, Montepellier, France

Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, California



Chantel Melanson Contemporary, Annecy, France

Kunsthaus, Ratingen, Germany

Galerie Assadi, Nyon, Switzerland

Galerie 138, Honfleur, Switzerland

Elle Art Exchange, Los Angeles, California

Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona

Trevor Kaufman, ‘Loft Story’, New York, New York

Skinner-Howard Gallery, Sacramento, California

Resource for Art, San Francisco, California



Galerie del Mese-Fischer, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland

Cente Culturelle d’Orleans, Orleans, France

Anita Silverstone, New York, New York

1212 Gallery, Burlingame, California

Galerie Von Knobelsdorf, Hamburg, Germany

Mercer Island Sculpture Garden, Mercer Island, Washington

Victoria Boyce Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California

Sulkin-Sekant Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California



Limn Gallery, San Francisco, California

Karlsruhe International Art Fair, Karlsruhe, Germany

Chateau Drulon, Loye sur Arnon, France

Gepko Roggeveen, Oosterend, Holland

Galerie Intemporelle, Metz, France

Kunstpunkt, Emden, Germany

Chloe Van Dongen Gallery, Troyes, France

Soprafina Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

Linda Durnell Gallery, Los Gatos, California



Galerie Perspectives, Pont Aven, France

Shakan Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland

Galeria Favre, Barcelona, Spain

GalRi, Montreal, Canada

ARTA, Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Lydie Wind, Soest, Holland

Triad Gallery, Seal Rock, Oregon

ZYT Gallery, Los Altos, California

Karin Newby Sculpture Garden, Tubac, Arizona



Galerie Genevieve Favre, Avignon, France

Beppu Gallery, Pacific City, Oregon

Galerie Art et Passion, Luxembourg

Galerie Annie Wable, Lille, France

Galerie Crealine, St. Emilion, France

Exploding Head Gallery, Sacremento, California

1212 Gallery, Burlingame, California

Galerie 21, Tours, France

Shemer Museum, Scottsdale, Arizona

Art Synopsis

“..cement, metal, plaster. They are all essential to make McLaughlin’s work possible. Necessary to present a form that otherwise would not hold itself, embrace itself, and keep it close. The form looks at us, the light passing through and spreading into the space. It becomes the eye that sees and understands, like the birth of the world, a kind of absolute beginning. The original light emerges from this amalgam of cement, resin, plaster and metal, as if from the beginning of time…”

– Bruno LaVillatte

Larry Mclaughlin’s work relies on observation. The artist seeks to understand nature and self by exploring the interplay between consciousness and imagination. By doing so, the artist tries to express something essential, and to capture this at its most forceful moment.

A highly versatile artist who works with monoprints as well as sculptures, Larry’s art carries a simplicity of form that reveals raw beauty through material. In his own words, Larry describes his desire to…

… juxtapose movement with stillness;

… transparency with solidity;

… occupy space but not to enclose it;

… use (my) forms to articulate space;

… create the surrounding;

When he works with sculptures, he first creates an armature upon which he pushes wet concrete. The process of creation is very personal; the concrete is a very live material in his hands as he applies the wet concrete in circular motions around the armature. His sculptures are a search for weightless materiality, where the pieces seemingly detach from the ground with no frame or boundaries. It challenges the viewer’s preconceived notions of concrete as an industrial material.