Lives and Works: Singapore



Cleo Lim’s expressionist artworks are mainly themed around an imaginative pan-Asian cultural landscape, in which animals and women live harmoniously in a luscious paradise of colours and sensuality. The viewer is instantly drawn into a fairytale like world where women are like Goddesses, symbols of enchantment and mysterious attraction.

Cleo Lim adopted whole-heartedly the drip and pour techniques from the Abstract Expressionism movement, and the freedom of mind to create in pure spontaneity which is at its core. The flow of matter and “happy accidents” are a great source of inspiration to her. Yet they remain tools for her to represent this fantasy world of hers, the abstract techniques enriching her subjects without obliterating it.
Inclined towards subtlety, she likes to dilute her acrylic paint to create soft watercolor effects and to layer multiple transparent hues, using either canvas or rice paper for a greater variety of texture and grains.

A free spirited child fascinated by colours and shapes, Cleo Lim started drawing and painting at a very early age but it wasn’t until she got the chance to study with the Christine Phipps, Leo Liu XuanQi, Koh Hwee Khoon, Anthony Chua Say Hua that she started taking her “hobby” seriously and gave herself real opportunities to develop her talent. For long too shy to exhibit she finally took the step and 2013 to mark her astounding debut on the art scene with already 4 very successful shows, Pure Art @ Keong Saik in March, ArtWalk @ Wessex in April 2013 & 2014 and Affordable Art Fair in November. Now a full time professional artist.